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Oliver The Elf

If you are reading this you might be a crafter or know one.  Somehow, you can relate.  I urge you to print/pin this and share it with your friends, family, and local craft store.

I love making cards, gifts, and baked goods for people.  It's time intensive and labor intensive.  Often times my fiancé get's upset with me because I spend so much time on "just a card" that someone "won't appreciate".  The cards that I make for people (posts to come after the holiday season) take me over five hours each.  I tend to make all aspects of my cards because buying all of the supplies can be so costly.  It can actually be more expensive to hand make items if you are starting as a new crafter than it is to just go buy something which is why this year I'm trying a new angle,  SANTA!

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If you pay close attention to everything I have made over the last 5 years for people you can see that they have the same paper patterns, colors, and accents just used differently.  This isn't because I want to.  It's because SUPPLIES ARE EXPENSIVE.  Individually items are cheap but they add up QUICKLY!  I usually buy items in sale sections off season and use everything sparingly.

I took it upon myself to write a letter to santa on behalf of all crafters.  Hopefully it helps us.  If you do not know what an item is on the list you can look it up in the amazon search in the side bar to the right and it will bring up a picture of it.   If you are buying these items I suggest you get them all at one place on one receipt.  I find AC MOORE has a great return Policy.  For big ticket items I buy everything on Amazon.  I am also a Prime member so I get free two day shipping (I found a holiday promotion for amazon and put the link below the list).  It's totally worth it.

Dear Santa,

This year I was really well behaved.  I made so many crafts that I could work full time in your work shop.  Are you hiring?  I've been trying my best to spread holiday cheer this year.  I even made my dog into an Elf ornament!  I am writing to you on behalf of year round crafters, bakers, cheer spreaders,  and smile givers.  We are running low on supplies and are afraid that this will lead the world into a downward spiral of doom and gloom.  A little glitter goes a long way.

This year I am leaving out an array of holiday treats for you, the reindeer, and the elves so please stop by.

Much Love From,

Kakie Murray
The Crafters' Advocate 

Glitter **
Rubber Stamps **
Washi Tape
Ink Pads- In Random Colors **
Ribbonn **
Glue Sticks **
Double Sided Tape **
Wall Paper Samples
Card Stock Scrap Pack
Hole Punchers **
Die Cuts **
Embellishments- Any season/ Occasion/Event
Fabric Samples
Glue Gun Sticks **
Small Glue Gun **
Scissors **
Flat Back Crystals **
Exacto Knife **
Specialty Markers & Pens **
Modge Podge **
Arlene's Tacky Glue **
Sprinkles  **
Icing Tips  **
Pastry Bags **
Cookie Cutters **
Spatulas **

Cardstock **
Cadrstock Storage
Craft Organization
Storage Cubes
Work Table
Sewing Table
Sewing Machine
Sewing Organization
Thread Spools
Gift Card- To Fabric/Craft Store 
Non Stick Craft Mat **
Silpat **
Scoring/Cutting Pad **
Kitchenaid Mixer **
Kitchenaid Mixer Accessories **
Paper Cutter **
Cricut **
Cricut Cartridges **
Cricut Accessories **
Silicone Pans **
Embosser **
Paper Cutter **
Macbook Pro **- To visit their favorite website for ideas. 

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** Means I have it and use it all the time and highly suggest this product to any crafter baker.  This also means that I run out of these products.

The person you are buying for may only specialize in one craft.  Most of these items I use for many different types of crafts (card making, scrap booking, ornament making).  If you are buying common items like ink pads get colors they might not have like turquoise.  My craft supply is at the bare minimum at the moment and I have started with the primary colors.  If you are buying stamps get something that might interest them (I always love a great Boston Terrier stamp) that they can use on different projects.  Right now in the stores there are a lot of holiday oriented craft supplies.   Remember that we craft year round and love to give for all occasions so for me a great "Gone Fishin'" embellishment that I could use on a card for Uncle Jim Bob is just as awesome as that marked up Snowman you are considering buying.  Just keep that in mind.

Fellow Crafters-- What's on your list this year?  Leave a comment and I will add it!  What do you use all the time?  What's your MUST have item?  Pin it and drop a hint to your friends and family! ;)

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