GLUE TIP- OH NOOOO!! Oh. It's ok.

Simple Glue Removal TIP!

I was just doing the finishing touches on an engagement ring holder order when my hand slipped and I got glue all over the place.  Seriously.  I freaked OUT.  If it was something for myself or a gift for a family member I wouldn't care but this is an order for a customer and I take extra care for orders that I make for customers.

I was adding the pearl accents on the metal when I smeared the
glue completely across the "DO".  

There are some things that I do that are ok.  An example of this would be my metal punching.  I don't want that to be perfect.  If you look at the letters they are all wobbly.  I like it that way.  It shows that I am not a machine.  It gives it a rustic hand made look.  A big glue smear across the ring holder is not acceptable in my book.

If you would like to remove glue from a project that is still wet (I am assuming that this would not work on anything paper based)

1. Dip Cotton Swab in Acetone based Nail Polish Remover.

2. Gently rub over glue area.

3. Watch in amazement as all of the glue goes away.

4.  Thank ME.

If you are doing this on a painted surface you should know that the acetone in the nail polish remover will most likely strip the paint off of your project.  Use the nail polish remover sparingly.  You should always do a small test spot!

So far I have used this for only Arlene's Tacky Glue and for WARNING TOWING Stickers.  That is another blog post to come... Just know.. I was really angry that day.

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