Gingerbread Virginity GONE

I guess it had to happen at some point.  The ginger got me.  While I was visiting my friend Gabriel Noble in Boston we put together a gingerbread kit.  The Rudolph one.  It was the first time for both of us.  The kit came with everything that we needed (even a bag of icing) so we were able to just glue the candy on.  During my train ride home to NJ I decided that I wanted to try to make one on my own.  I started looking for kits to buy on Amazon.  

I ended up buying the above mold.  I decided that I would probably end up making a house more than once and it was the same price as the kits so it made more sense to buy the mold.  I also liked the idea that it would give me textured walls and windows.  When I decorated it I found that it did help me to decorate.  I think that in the future I will probably be a little more creative.  I had never worked with gingerbread so I followed their suggested recipe.  I looked up websites but I wasn't sure about how other recipes would work in the mold.  The mold also comes with a pastry bag.  If you do not have some of your own I suggest that you buy some.  I used a couple of different cake decorating tips.

I constructed my gingerbread house on a silver cake board that I thought was pretty.  By the time I was finished I had to cover the entire thing in icing because it was all kinds of messed up!  Another trick that I did to make my life easier was that I used my cake decorating stand.  It's like a Lazy Susan.  If you have one of those I suggest using that!

 There were Twizzlers to outline the roof but they ended up being needed in the taste department instead of in design.  I will probably have to buy two bags next year.

 I love that the door is open!! I thought I had a battery operated candle to put in there but I didn't.  Next Year.
 I just noticed that he has no face.  They are so small.  It's hard to put one on them.  Next year... Possibly.

 It took a while to get the correct icing consistency.  You have to thin it down after you have constructed and adhered everything onto your house to get icicles.  Mine could probably be a bit thinner... Next year.

If you're a slob like me you will find that royal icing is  ROYAL pain to clean up.  I also hate cleaning the icing tips for my decorating bags.  I came up with a cleaning solution that actually worked wonders on the tips.  Magical Household Cleaner-- Kakie Murray