Magical Household Cleaner

11/28/2012 UPDATE:  The oven pictures and the you tube video are a quick little view.  I only spent about 10 minutes cleaning the door.  My fiancé walked into the kitchen and announced that he wanted to broil a steak so I didn't see the point in super cleaning it.    Sorry that the video isn't the best.  Cleaning with one hand and video taping with the other isn't very easy!  I was excited to find a pocket of filth to be able to share a before and after with all of you!  I had never washed the oven glass and I don't know if the people that lived in the apartment before me did.  I know, I'm gross.  Whatever.  It's an oven.  All germs die in it.  Get over it.

Hey Everyone!  I saw this post on pinterest and had to give it a try:

I didn't actually go to the website and read their instructions.  I saw the ingredients used and decided to add to them... Here is what I found.  I have no idea if what I added is necessary.  It works and is cheap so I am stickin' to it.

OH MY WORD!  I actually used this solution to clean my whole fridge by candle light with cold water to rinse during Hurricane Sandy and my fridge has actually never been cleaner!

I did just read their instructions and have found that I didn't have to heat up the vinegar at all.  I also didn't have to leave the solution to sit on anything for a long amount of time.  It took everything right off!   I didn't have anything that was really filthy but it did get a lot of things that are annoying to clean spotless in seconds!  I think it is important to mention that I rinsed the surfaces off after using this to not leave anything on them and when cleaning I wear fashionable pink rubber gloves from the dollar store.    I did not think to take before and after pictures (good thing so you can't see the filth that I live in on a day to day basis... haha).

6 Cups White Distilled Vinegar
2/3 cup DAWN Power Clean

 Pour Vinegar in a mixing bowl.  Add DAWN ULTRA and then add DAWN POWER  CLEAN.  I then stir them with my whisk slowly so they don't bubble up and then put them into 2 spray bottles that I got at the dollar store (as seen below**).  If mixture has been sitting for a bit you have to swish it around to blend it together again.  I wouldn't recommend shaking it.  This should be safe on all surfaces but as it is just dish soap and vinegar but just to be safe you should always do a small test area.

CAST IRON BROILING PAN-- Imagine how well this will work on  the grill in the summer!
MIRRORS (specifically food debris stuck from flossing. It came off in one quick swipe and then I used windex after just in case there were streaks)
DOORS and frames
ELBOW GREASE-  No more scrubbing!

My fiancé doesn't like the smell of the vinegar so I am alway sure to rinse everything down right after I have cleaned it so there isn't too much of a lingering vinegar smell.  I did attempt to make this mixture with another type of dish soap that was scented and vinegar.  It did smell better but I think it did not work nearly as well.

I have found that the OXO sponge brush with handle is the best way to clean with it so far.  It has the release button which is key.  Otherwise the solution will just leak out.  Plus it has the scrubber on it.  I think I only paid like $8 for it.  It's well worth it.  I have one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen.

**I actually emptied one of my other household cleaners and cleaned out the bottle and have found that it sprays better than the dollar store bottles so if you really trust me you will safely dispose of your old cleaning agents and reuse the bottle for this great magical cleaner!!!  Please make sure that you completely rinse out the bottle before pouring in this mixture.  If there is any kind of bad harmful combination call posion control or 911 immediately.

*Yet ANOTHER UPDATE 2/23/2013 Sprayed it in my toilet bowl.  Worked wonders.  I don't know why I didn't think to use it in my toilet before.


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    1. It's seriously amazing! I wish I knew about this in college and all of those years I moved yearly. To think of all of the things I have scrubbed when I didn't have to! I would love to take this to a frat house!