Hoboken St. Patrick's Day March 6, 2010

Let's start this off with.. All credit to this idea goes to Bakerella.com. To find the recipe please go to her website.

I made these Cake Pops after finding ot that bringing a cake to a place where everyone will be intoxicated does not work out (Beer Pong Cake). It actually ends up in a great mess (which can be fun too). I have been baking for evertyhing that I can think of so that I can practice. For Hoboken St. Patrick's day I made Cake Pops and then arranged them in a mini bucket that I spruced up with ribbon and a button. It turned out great and all the drunks loved the fantastic bites of cake. It was funny to see how confused and then happy people were all within seconds!

If you're wondering.. All of the good pictures are taken by Michael Dempsey (my boyfriend and professional photographer).


  1. I e-mailed these to Bakerella and got a response!

    "That's a cute bouquet of pops. Great job on them" -Bakerella

    How cool is that?

  2. love the blog, kate! I just put a post about it on my blog!