Beer Pong Cake- Happy Birthday, Will.

This cake was made for my brother's 31st birthday. Each year he holds a Beer Pong tournament close to his birthday so I decided to make a cake for the occasion.  He works at sirius radio so I wanted to bring my A game to all the guys on the stern show.  

This is ALL cake. I made the cups by baking the cake into metal drink shakers. I started out with 6 and then it had to go down to 4. To be correct this would have 10 cups. I used sponge cake for the cups to keep it durable. I then covered them in fondant and iced them. The ping pong balls are actually Lindt Truffles. The base of the cake was a regular boxed cake (wasn't going for taste here). In the future I will use another sturdy dense cake for the base. The cups had issues with support on the soft base. Luckily, Mike put skewers through the cups and they held.

I vaguely remember carrying a solo cake cup and eating it with people after the tournament.  The cups were a big hit and it really turned out great for a first attempt at at a beer pong cake.   If I make this cake again I will probably do it completely differently!  The cups however, I would not change.  The pong balls either.


  1. do you mean you used drink shakers? that you mix a drink in? what did you grease them with?

  2. yeas i made this in drink shakers.. greased with pam baking spray