Baking Ham Breaking Bad

Mike and I probably had the most uneventful Valentine's Day EVER.  I DARE You to challenge me!

I even anticipated how lame it was going to be so I made the card to reflect it... and embraced it.    This year we really don't have much.  We are planning our wedding and I lost my job (I had to quit because I had a bad spinal tap and was unable to commute to NYC).    We decided that instead of going to an overcrowded, overpriced, hot spot we would bake a ham and watch something on Netflix.    I had never baked a ham so I thought it would be fun.

I love to bake and Mike loves baked goods.   Here is what KILLS me about him.  HE LOVES BOXED CAKE.  I could probably make anything from scratch (HAPPILY) and he requests boxed cake.  On Pinterst I saw a pin to drop a Hershey Kiss in the center after 5  minutes of baking.    I would attach the link here for you but when I went to follow it there was nothing more to the pin.  We used Hershey's Dark Chocolate.    It was supposed to give you a "molten" type situation.  I am going to try this again with better quality chocolates and with real cake.  This was my test run.  I think the actual method might not be bad.  It was gooey and in the middle.  Once they were cooled (next day) it is like having a solid kiss in the middle of your cupcake.  If you are not expecting it you might choke on it.

I was using the ready to decorate icing store tubes.
Doesn't quite allow for great piping but I couldn't resist a red
Boston Terrier.  

For the record.  I don't bother with cupcake liners when
Mike is just going to eat them right away.



To Make this card:

To our knowledge this is Kakie's Craftery's Own Technique:

1. I went on google Images.  Found the Image of Saul that I liked that was 2 tone and clear.  

2.  I printed the image and then scanned it and enlarged it a great deal (I don't remember how much)

3. I then painted Saul.  With glue in stages.  I used the same glue that you use with embossing stamps.  (same method).   Sprinkle desired embossing powder on areas where wet glue is.  Make sure you paint a very very thin layer of glue (about same amount when stamping).

For those of you who do not know what heat embossing is.  Here is an example.  

4.  Once all of the areas are covered with embossing powder use heating tool.   I was upset at this point because Saul did not turn out as clear as he was before he was heated.   Still Impressive but... It was better in powder formation.  Allow Saul time to cool off then cut out.

5. I painted over "BETTER CALL SAUL"  That was very simple.  I then outlined it with a red pen.  I originally was using  glitter markers by American Crafts.  They ended up ripping apart the paper and then thy blue died in the middle of the project.  I find all of their products to be of poor quality.  Stay away.  

6.  I hot glued 4 pieces of cardboard together for Saul's backing.  This way he sticks up further.  See how he is raised? 

6.  I cut the two pages of card stock to 8" with a paper cutter and then used an Elmer's glue spray adhesive that I have.  It was my first time trying out a spray adhesive and it worked wonders!    I then mounted all of the smaller items onto the 8" pieces and that's how I got my Son's of Anarchy/Breaking Bad Valentine's Day Ham Card.

**I realize I may have overly simplified my instructions and made them seem easy.  If I hadn't had mistakes this card would have taken me about 5 hours to make.   From start to finish (google image search and all) If you have questions please ask!

This is the card that Mike made for me.  It is my requirement.  I love his drawings.

This is Mike & Oliver.  So Cute.  Yes, I got flowers and ham.  

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