How to get your BLING back.

My maid of honor, Arielle,  and I both got engaged within a month of each other. Being the experienced one she gave me the best tip ever!!

In between cleanings her Jeweler suggested that she put her ring in windex for 20 minutes.  I suggest using a small cup (I use my spice pinch bowls).  A shot glass would be perfect.  For some reason I don't have any shot glasses.  When you do this in an actual glass and you take your ring our you can actually see the dirt floating around in the windex.  I suggest rinsing your ring off afterwards.  For obvious reasons do not hold your ring over an open drain.  All you are doing is soaking your ring.  Do not try to use anything else to try to clean your ring.  You could end up damaging it.  I clean my ring about once a month.

As you can see with my ring I have rows of Emeralds that lay flat on either side of my diamond.  This is a great place for a build up of dirt.  I find that doing the Windex treatment works wonders.  Below is a picture that Mike just took of my ring.

**UPDATE**  I was told that if you use ammonia on your ring it can crack Emeralds.  The Windex I use is Ammonia free so make sure that yours is too!!

I have been engaged since April 27, 2012 and have not found the need to get my ring cleaned yet!  

I am obsessed with my ring and have yet to see another one like it.  I am sure that now I have released it onto the world of Pinterest it will become huge.    I love the detail work.  Both of my brothers bought their engagement rings at Steven Singer so I encouraged  my fianc√© to shop there also.  :)

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